13 January 2011 ~ 1 Comment

What We Fear..

“What we fear… is not suffering, or even death. What we fear is that we have wasted life.
In our darkest moments, we are afraid our highest calling will go unanswered.”

~ Garret John LoPorto

Garret Garret John LoPorto is Founder of the Wayseers. He is an author, speaker, U.S. & International patent-pending inventor, and successful entrepreneur.

Wayseers are the change agents of society. Wayseers are the ones who know first, who sense earliest the disturbances in the fabric of human affairs – the trends, the patterns, the fashions, the coming groundswells, the revolutions that are afoot. Join us at Facebook.com/wayseers

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  1. Wind Dancer 19 March 2011 at 7:38 pm Permalink

    I am Native American Indian (undocumented). Ancients..(being a seer and healer of emotions) brought a message..Dec..2012….califronia, oregon,washington to british columbia…earthquake…on the east coast…deleware, pennsylvnia, west virginia..earthquake…I have been a seer for a long time..medicine woman…I dont know what else to do with this information but share it…

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